What people are saying about us:

“Great service and care.  Cheri fixed my neck when no one else could!” – Angela May

“My shoulder is now as good as it ever was.  Now we are working on the other shoulder.  I am confident in the outcome.” – Dr. Hallawell

“Grant/Spangle Physical Therapy allows me to manage pain without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals, resulting in a healthier, more positive quality of life” – Rozamund Barclay

“Meghan was and is awesome! I am 100% improved.  She is higly skilled in her profession and is very professional.  Thanks to Cheri and Meghan’s diagnosis, I am feeling pain free.”   -Janet Cooper

“Just because you’re geting older doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain! (My elbow pain wouldn’t go away after a year and a half).  Cheri said that if I would do exactly as told, she would get rid of my tennis elbow.  Thanks to Cheri’s great expertise, I am now pain free. Thank you!!” – Villa Kerr

“What an amazing group of people to help me! I love this place!” – Cheri Grant patient

“Fixed my back – Awesome!!!  Best therapist ever!” – T. Bergren

“I’ve stayed with you this long (11 yrs) – good job.” – M. Robbins

“The BEST!!” – D. English

“Cheri has helped my neck immensely, they are so knowledgeable here!” – Kathy Taylor

“5 Stars!” – David Grant

” She needs a clone! There is only one Cheri and she is fabulous!” – Deanne